Beginning Bloggers

I remember how hard it was to begin blogging.  I didn’t know a Widget from a Category! There is still so much I am learning.  Because starting out in the blogging world can be a bit daunting, here are some resources that will help you get started, and move toward monetizing your blog should you wish!

The following book “Launch Your Bold Blog” is recommended for those just getting started, if you aren’t certain where you want to go, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I’d recommend Rachel’s book.  Rachel has an encouraging way about her writing, and obviously some experience to back up her information.

She has made herself available for any questions that come after reading the book.  That and the suggestions she gives at the end of the book for promoting your blog are well worth the money to purchase the book.

If your’e new to blogging, or if you’ve been blogging a while but still consider yourself a novice to the blogging world and social networking, this book is for you.  (I would caution that she uses some minimal language at the beginning of the book that some may find a bit offensive, but it only happens a couple of times and doesn’t last throughout the book.)

I will receive 20% of the proceeds of the sale of her book when using this link.  Thank you!

I would also recommend the following bloggers if you who want a more advanced approach, or are considering monetizing your blog.  (Rachel’s book hits on this, but not in depth). I have no affiliations with these bloggers, but highly recommend them.  Some of their material is free, and they also offer courses for pay.  (I’d also check out their Facebook pages for great tips.)  Unless you are already a pro at blogging and social networking, if you even think you may want to write for pay at a later time, don’t wait until you’ve been blogging a while to take one of these courses.  What you learn will save you time (and time is money).  Truly!  with Jonathan Milligan – I have taken some of his free webinars – Excellent!  with Melyssa Griffin.  I am new to her, but a blogging friend highly recommends her work.  with Ruth Soukup.  She is also new to me, but the same blogging friend is currently taking her blogging course, and loving it.  Her Facebook page is also full of helpful information.