Introducing Me

If this is your first time on En Courage, welcome!  We aren’t fancy here, because in the middle of “difficult” fancy doesn’t usually work.  Difficult is often dirty and messy, and often too exhausting to endure anything fancy.

You will find transparency.  However, when stories include those I love, I try to shield them more carefully and so focus on my own portion of the story.  My goal is to be real without harming those I love. Any stories including my husband, I’ve received permission from him to share.

You will also find someone completely in love with Jesus and his love letters to us.  Most posts contain truths that have shaped and changed me, as well as truths that have strengthened and filled my heart with courage.

I write about:

I have a base of experiences including:

I’m able to write from a vantage point of coming through life’s hardest,  with a testimony that Jesus has the love to meet you where you are, and power to heal any wound.

Please sit with me a while, and rest your weary heart.  I’m currently posting about 4 times a month, and my posts vary from about 600-900 words.  The pages are simple, and uncomplicated so as not to overwhelm.

Again, welcome!

Robin ❤


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