‘Jesus Every Day’ Book Review

Jesus Every Day Book Review@ En Courage www.rlseaton.comWhen at a Bible Study, come prayer time I often hear, “I can’t pray like so-and-so. They  pray so beautifully. You better ask someone else.” Fear so easily grips.

I’ve been sampling a new book out December 1 by Harvest House Publishers entitled, “Jesus Every Day” by author Mary E. DeMuth. Mary has her own blog ‘Restory,’ and is well-known for her prayers. So much that her readers begged her to write a devotion containing them. Her prayers are beautiful, not because they’re flowery and ‘religious’ but because they’re real and exemplify the simplicity of talking to God as though He were sitting across from us while we sip a cup of coffee. Yet because they point us to the One above all and able to answer every need, they are filled with the reverence, awe, and expectation He deserves. They are an exquisite mingling of the need of humanity and power of the Divine in everyday language.

Mary’s prayers speak of life’s emotions and daily experiences. Experiences bringing joy. Emotions crushing our souls. Moments leaving us perplexed. She isn’t afraid to tackle any topic as she’s faced both immense joys and tragic sorrows in her own life. She was repeatedly sexually abused as a child, and faced growing up in a dysfunctional family. She understands first-hand the sorrow of losing a dear friend. She’s suffered the grief of losing a close family member. Yet in all of this, she’s found a heavenly Daddy who knows her, and loves her relentlessly. And she’s learned first-hand God listens to and answers His kids, when they reach out to Him with their simple words.

Her daily devotion takes the reader through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, with a verse or small passage followed by a prayer. Each day is labeled ‘Day 1,’ ‘Day 2’, etc. so the book can be started any day of the year, and runs 366 days. Its simple beauty allows it to easily be given as a gift to a new believer as well as a seeker. For a more seasoned believer, it’s a wonderful addition to any daily Bible reading routine.

As of December 1, I invite you to purchase the book at any one of several venues, some of which are listed below for your convenience. I was given a 30-day sample to read, but was given nothing else for my review, other than the pleasure of reviewing the book. I also receive no benefit for offering you a link to the sights listed below.

Amazon   Christian Book Distributors  LifeWay  Barnes & Noble

(Barnes & Noble has only the e-book available as of this posting.)

Talk with you next week!

Robin <3

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Book Reviews – Ideas for Loving Purposefully

This week we have looked at standing with the struggling.  Today I thought I’d share a couple of books that have encouraged me recently in my pursuit of loving others.  I hope you enjoy!

For your information, I have not nor will I gain anything monetarily or otherwise from reviewing these books.  This is purely for your information and encouragement.

LISTEN LOVE REPEAT, Other Centered Living In A Self-Centered World

by Karen Ehman, New York Times Bestselling Author 

“Karen’s words here speak my heart language – and echo the heart of God.”  Ann Voskamp

I am currently reading this gem.  Karen takes her own experience of being loved and purposefully loving others to the next level.  Her ability to write in a way that places no judgement on the reader, encourages us to do as the title says, “Listen, Love, [and] Repeat. Placing loving others above ourselves.  Each chapter is full of examples on how to listen for someone’s “heart drops”, as she calls them, and find a way to love them in a purposeful, intimate gift of love based on what you’ve learned from/about them.  This book is an easy read, but you won’t want to rush through it – every chapter needs time to ponder and personalize.  (Purchasing the book through the link above will support Proverbs 31 Ministries.)

Karen’s blog “Karen Ehman, live your priorities, love your life” is delightful, and diverse!  I especially enjoy her weekly post “#LoveYourLifeFriday .

if you find this Letter, My Journey To Find Purpose Through Hundreds of Letters to Strangers

a memoir by Hannah Brencher

I was first introduced to Hannah at a “Propel” Women’s Conference in Orlando last December.  She was a delightful speaker with an inviting personality that speaks “life” without a word.  Her book tells her story of a college graduate with big dreams, headed for New York City.  She finds herself very lonely. So lonely, in fact, that she ends up writing letters to absolute strangers, leaving them in the subways, restrooms, and in coat pockets all over New York City.  This advanced to her writing a blog and offering to write a letter to anyone who would request one, no questions asked.  I will let you ‘hear’ the rest of the story from her.  The book is absolutely delightful, and will tug at your heartstrings.  Hannah has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, O, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, USATODAY.com, Chicago Tribune, and dozens of other publications.

You can learn more about Hannah and her purposeful love ventures at:  HannahBrencher.com or MoreLoveLetters.com

Both books leave me realizing that loving others can be an adventure, if I allow God the freedom to move me and propel me in new ways!

With love,

Robin <3

p.s. Please let me know what you think about having book reviews once in a while.  Let me know if you read these, and what you think!  I will be off line for at least a week traveling and helping out my mom.  I’ll enjoy when we get back together again, real soon!