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The men who followed Him were unique in their generation. They turned the world upside down because their hearts had been turned right side up. The world has never been the same. - Billy Graham, speaking of… Click To Tweet

Reverend Billy Graham passed away February 21, 8 a.m. at the age of 99. I thank God for his life and legacy. We pray for those He left behind.

As a child and young woman I remember sitting before our family’s black and white TV as Billy Graham spoke to thousands, boldly proclaiming that Jesus was the only way to heaven and the only source of lasting peace and hope. Because I’d already accepted Jesus into my life, I took his life and ministry for granted. To me, he was a just a preacher with a southern drawl being used by God.

(taken from the Los Angeles Times)

However, when I read His biography, “Just As I Am,” first published in April, 1997, I discovered an amazing man of God whose life and testimony greatly impacted the world. In honor of a man who pursued God with all his might, and changed the world in the pursuing, I’d like to share some things about him worth emulating:

  • He was born in 1917, and grew up on a dairy farm in Charlotte NC. As he grew, his aspirations led him in the way of professional baseball. However, at the age of 16, out of curiosity he attended the revival meetings of a traveling preacher, Mordecai Ham, and found himself drawn to the preacher’s message of personal sin and a need for repentance. Although he was ‘a good boy,’ the preacher’s words struck Billy and he knew they were directed at his heart, his life. His decision to give his heart to Christ and pursue the calling God gave him changed everything. In obedience he left his dream of baseball and enrolled in Bible college. Upon finishing several years of Bible school he became a Southern Baptist preacher. Later, he traveled the country leading crusades and preaching the very message that had changed his life.
(taken from the Los Angeles Times)
  • In the 1950’s, his revival meetings were unsegregated.
  • Personal integrity and his witness for Christ were so important to him throughout his ministry, he set up several safeguards so as to never be alone with another woman other than his wife.
  • Although he was friend to every president since Truman, he never used his platform for personal gain.
  • He went anywhere God sent him and gave him the platform to share the gospel, even though some of his international crusades were controversial at the time.
  • When going into a city for a crusade, he always coordinated with the local churches so as to give a place for new converts to grow in Christ.
  • The finances for his crusades were always handled by a separate organization so as not to appear that he was personally profiting from the money given.

As I look at his life, I am reminded this man was nothing special on his own. He grew up as many of us, yet lived a life so unlike ours. How?

  • He chose to follow God with his whole being wherever God directed.
  • The message of the gospel and the change it had brought to his own life was worth any risk.
  • He made certain that his words matched his life as best he could.
  • He took steps to make certain his was a life that represented Christ well.

I’d like to close with a quote from his later years. When asked if he would change anything regarding his career he responded:

“I would study more. I would pray more, travel less, take less speaking engagements. I took too many of them in too many places around the world. If I had it to do over again I’d spend more time in meditation and prayer and just telling the Lord how much I love him.” – Billy Graham.

If I had it to do over again I'd spend more time in meditation and prayer and just telling the Lord how much I love him. - Billy Graham. Click To Tweet

Graham in 2010.

Graham in 2010. (Nell Redmond / Associated Press)

Lord, thank you for this man’s life and legacy. May we as believers emulate his love and devotion to you. May we willingly step out and risk everything for your gospel. May we live even as we speak. Please. In Jesus’ name, amen.

(All photos were taken from a Los Angeles Times article on the life of Billy Graham.

With love,


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Do I Willingly Cover Another’s Shame?


As I consider Christ's sacrifice to cover and eradicate my shame, it makes me ponder: am I willing to cover the shame of another? Click To Tweet

Post 5, 2018

I was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago where I knew no one. Most of us at the meeting were strangers, so as the meeting commenced, we each went around the room and shared a bit about ourselves. It wasn’t long before a particular individual stood out as someone wanting to control every aspect of the conversation. With almost every introduction, this person had something crucial to say about this or that and so interrupted almost everyone as they spoke. Even after the introductions, she dominated the discussion, oblivious to the facial expressions and body language of the other participants indicating frustration at her monopoly.

I began to rile inside with the inability to stop her interruptions, and longed for the moderator to step in. As the evening progressed, I realized I needed to check my own body language so as not to come across as rude and indifferent, yet am not certain how well I accomplished grace. I was really ticked off.

Once alone, and again the next morning, my emotions were still unsettled and a bit miffed. As I remembered the previous evening, I began to pray, “Lord, would you please convict the hearts of those moderating so this doesn’t happen every week? Would you let them realize they must gain some control of the situation?”

love covers

Then the inaudible voice of the Holy Spirit began to speak and convict me, “Robin, what if instead you prayed I convict her of her need to control all conversations? What if you asked me to free her from her bondage to needing control? What if you prayed my Spirit move within the meeting each week and moderate all conversation toward building one another up in Christ?

Then without warning, the Spirit began to hone in on my own heart….What if you saw your own need to control and show grace? And what if you considered maybe why she may have this tendency?

What if I checked my own heart and loved in a way so as not to add to another's wounds by my own frustration toward them? Click To Tweet

Covering shame.

God’s love through me sacrificing my comfort to cover her shame. Or as the Apostle Paul put it:

LOVE... (1)
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Truth. Life. Transforming me, then transforming others through me.

Lord, forgive me for thinking not of her need, but only of my own discomfort. Forgive me for looking only on the outward appearance of things, and thank you for reminding me of someone’s bruised heart. Forgive me for wanting to take this into my own hands and forgetting your Spirit is able to move and work in a grand way to free each of us. Please use this time to show each of us our need, and may your Spirit love lavishly through us as we meet.

So all can experience having their shame covered.

For your honor, and our good.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

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With gratitude for God’s love covering my shame,

Robin <3

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I Applaud You!

As I’ve pondered Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I think of my own Mamma, “Mither” as I lovingly call her.  She is an amazing woman with whom I’m so grateful to be sharing a relationship called “mother and daughter”.  Like most relationships, we have had our struggles, but the richness of coming through them together, and being on the other side is an amazing gift for which I will forever be grateful.

I, not too long ago, spent 3 weeks with her as she went through surgery, and began recovery for a total knee replacement.  The surgery was very hard on her body, and the medications she was given for pain took a toll on her mind for a time, making it hard for her to reason well.  Those 3 weeks were difficult yet overflowing with special moments I will forever cherish.  I was her coach, nurse, and physical therapist 24 hours a day, but she was the one going through the pain and changes within.  Changes neither of us always knew how to handle well.

As I look back on that time, where roles were reversed, I am reminded of times where she played the roles I temporarily accrued, and think, “What a gift you’ve given me, dear Lord, in knowing this woman.”

My mamma has always been a hard worker, and even in her recent recovery, has always been willing to embrace the difficult when needed, for a better outcome.  One of her favorite motto’s has always been

The tortoise who works slowly but surely will finish the race.  

She has lived by that motto well.

Yet the thing she is most know for is the testimony of her faith.  She hasn’t always had an easy life, and yet her eyes shimmer and her face glows when she begins to speak of her Lord Jesus.  He has certainly and very obviously been her strength and help since she was a young woman.

As I contemplate this up-coming celebration of Mothers, I thank God for this dear woman God gave to be my Mamma.

Her children stand and bless her. Proverbs 31:28a

I stand a bless you!  Thank you not only for being my dear Mither, but my friend.  I love you.

Robin <3

…But I Can Love

We can’t fix our loved one’s circumstance, but we can love them through it!

As I prepare to write this post, my mind floods with the memories of tangible love others have given through the years:

A person I’ve never met, who works for the adoption agency we used, has called almost monthly for the last year, to see how I’m doing.  She discovered I was struggling with our adopted sons.  Her listening ear and kind words are a salve when moments are rough.

A co-worker of my deceased husband remembered occasions where my husband would have given flowers.  My first Mother’s Day alone, I remember answering the doorbell to find her smiling face with outstretched, flower-laden hands.  The memory still touches my heart today.

A friend gave me permission to call and simply say, “Please pray”, with no questions asked.  She understood there would be times I’d need support without spending time discussing why.  I always knew she followed through, because answers came.

Soon after my husband’s funeral, a friend chose to give up two weeks of her life to stay with me and Evan, so I wouldn’t have to face my new life alone so quickly.

Another friend sat down with me and helped me organize my daily routine.  She understood that simple things after my husband’s death would be difficult.

A dear couple offered to include me in any holiday celebration I was alone and wished to be with friends.

A family took me in every month, for 3-4 days, regardless of the time or season, so I wouldn’t have to stay in a hotel when visiting Evan from out of town.  Their church also embraced me for that 6 months.  Every month, there would be warm welcomes as though I were a long lost relative.  I will never forget their kindness and warmth.

A couple in my church offered his services every Fall and Winter to winterize my home, and then get it ready in the Spring .  If I needed simple home maintenance, he was there. He and his wife would always show up together so there would never be any awkwardness.

When I began dating again, that same couple were willing to act as surrogate parents of a sort to this 50 year old woman, listening and giving wise advice – even meeting perspective dating partners on a double date, so I wouldn’t have to make such important decisions about who I’d spend the rest of my life with alone.

Three of the men in my neighborhood took turns mowing my lawn for nearly 3 years. When I told them I would be moving, each said if I stayed, they’d keep mowing my lawn.

Our personal acts of love become God's gifts in skin. Click To Tweet

I could go on and on.  Each of these people gave their time and resources in such special, personal ways.  I think of them and so many others, and smile with gratitude.  The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes down from God.  

So, as you stand with your loved ones in their struggles, what in your hands can you offer.  It may become God’s gift in skin for them!


With love,

Robin <3