Re-post, Introducing Me

This is actually found by perusing the categories at the top of my opening page.  I’ve decided to re-post it because I’ve made some necessary changes.

If we intend on having coffee regularly, or even on occasion, I’d love to get to know you better.  I figure it’s only fair you get to know me as well.  I won’t take up too much of your time, but please let me tell you about myself.  I also figure because we will, on occasion, converse about topics that may hit close to the heart, I thought I’d answer some questions you would ask if you could.

Why did you decide on “En Courage”?

Life isn’t easy, and we all need a good dose of courage now and then!  I know I do.  I want this to be a safe community, where you can encourage and be encouraged when life is at its toughest.

Do you wonder sometimes how you are going to make it?

Do you wish there was someone who understood the cries of your heart?

Do you need hope that there is more to life than the immediate heartaches and struggles?

Do you need to know, this moment, that you aren’t alone?

This space, our table, is a good place to find some courage and hope for the heart during those hard times.

What allows you the ability to write about the hope that you speak of, with such conviction?

I’ve experienced some of the hardest of life and have found where hope and courage to keep going can be found!

Being a teenager for me wasn’t discovering boys and enjoying proms. My pre-teen and teen years were hard enough that I’ve often said I would either be dead, or have lapsed into very unhealthy life choices, were it not for Jesus and parents who taught me about the beauty and power of a relationship with him that protected and carried me.

Raising an adopted son with moderate to severe autism, from 5 years old has brought more challenges, heartaches, and joys than we ever could have imagined.

Losing my first husband to melanoma in 2008 after 25 years of marriage is probably the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced.  It was a 2 year illness that slowly seeped his life away.

Blending two families who have each been through much trauma and heartache since 2012, has had its own challenges.  My son has lost 2 previous families and now a father.  My step sons, also adopted. lost a previous family, and a mother. My husband and I have each lost a spouse to death.

Yet, in all of this, I have come to know a God who is alive, extremely loving, immensely gracious, overwhelmingly compassionate, and powerfully able to change lives.  Because of him, I have found a hope that is enduring.  I want to share that with any who will listen!

What will I gain from spending time with you on “En Courage”?

Through sharing the stories, struggles, and victories of life, I want you to discover there is hope.  Not when you have it all together.  Not when you can finally fix yourself or others. But when you are at your weakest, and when life is darkest.  Because Jesus is safe.  Because His love is relentless. Because He powerfully made a way for US.

I would love to hear from you!

As we sit over coffee, and you begin to feel more at ease, please share your heart and stories with us.  Either at the common table for all to read, or in the quiet of a private email.

With love,

Robin  <3


Wonderful Resources

I hope your day has gone well!  I have actually been painting the trim in my kitchen and dining room today!  Please cheer me on, as I’ve put this off for about 2 years now (I mean painting the entire dining room/kitchen), and finally started Thanksgiving weekend with the help of a friend – bless her!  BUT, I’m almost done.  God has been doing a cool work of restoration in me the last few months, and it feels good to be free enough to tackle these bigger jobs around the house without feeling overwhelmed!  Do any of you around the table understand, or is it just me?

I have also found some wonderful resources in the last couple of weeks that have helped me to gain further ground in the area of homemaking, which has never been a task I’ve felt I’ve done well with, even though I have enjoyed pieces of it for many years.

Anyway, now that the paint brush is washed, and the paint can stored neatly nearby for tonight, I am here and ready to finish my virtual tour for the week.  (Tomorrow I will finish up the week with a bit of a surprise!)

The “Resource” tab on the menu has been up all week, but only yesterday did I actually add a sub menu, so if you tried to find resources earlier in the week, you would have discovered the menu empty – but not any longer!

Please follow me to the “Resource” menu, hover over, and you will find 2 pages.  I’ve been working hard on these the last 2 days, and truthfully, I’m not finished.  (So please return again at a later date!)  Currently, I have included two main catagories –

1.  Online and App Bibles, Bible Studies, and Devotions that have greatly blessed and ministered to me at various times in life, many of which I currently utilize.

2. Blogs I have found most helpful. Each blog gives the author, and the area where Jesus has met them and helped them.  Not every post they write has to do with the struggles they’ve been through, but even those posts that don’t, come from the place of victory in life they’ve discovered because of Jesus.

The lists I’m making (especially the Blogs) could be much longer, as I love so many of the blogs I read. I tried to stick with the blogs that would cover areas of pain and heartache, and how God has brought restoration through Jesus.  Over time, I may broaden my scope – let me know what you’d like to see!

I will be adding a “Book” and “Shop” pages as well in the near future.

As I sit at my kitchen table, and view freshly painted walls and tacky white glossy trim, I’m thankful for two additional blogs that didn’t get added to the “Resources” at this time.  “Nourishing Minimalism” and “Happy Little Housewife“.  Even though they don’t necessarily cover the topics I’ve reserved for the “Resources” pages, I am very grateful for them.  God is using their wonderful homemaking resources to help me grow in new ways and instill courage for my daily home duties – and that is always a good thing, isn’t it!

Thank you for joining me once again today!  I look forward to our time tomorrow.

With love,

Robin <3

Let Me Introduce…My Greatest Encourager

I realize many who will visit are familiar with blogging, but for the sake of those who aren’t, I’d like to continue the virtual tour I began yesterday.  This also affords me the opportunity for any who regularly visit, to see the changes, as they aren’t in a post format.

Thank you to those who stopped by yesterday, and I look forward to today’s continued tour! 🙂  And welcome once again to my home on the blog sphere!

Please follow me to the “Introduction” portion of the menu.  Hover over it and you will find a true introduction of the author of the blog – me, as well as an introduction of my main contributor and encourager.  I am very grateful for the hope, help, life, and peace that my Lord Jesus gives, and as I state in the “Introducing Me” page, I would never choose to do life without him. Because I love him so dearly, and because He has given me the wonderful life I possess, I have taken the opportunity to Introduce Jesus, for any who may visit me and find themselves intrigued by this One.

I won’t take up any more of your time today – but please take a moment to sit back and read a bit about me, and the One whom I consider to be my main encourager!

With love,

Robin <3


Let Me Show You Around

Hi!  And welcome back to “En Courage”.  I’m so glad you’re here!

This is going to be an unusual week, as I will be introducing the new aspects of the blog.  I will end the week with an interview format.  Next week, I will begin the new format I mentioned in the “Changes” post a couple of weeks ago.

If you are new to reading blogs, I will be sharing navigational tools that may be new to you. Hopefully, this week’s posts will help increase your comfort level as you travel the blogging world.  If you are familiar not only with blogs, but mine in particular, the posts this week will give you an opportunity to poke around and see new and updated “pages”. (Pages are static and so are normally a constant within a blog – but pages are very personal, and so vary greatly between bloggers.)

The “Menu”

For those new to blogging, the “Menu” at the top of the page is static.  It remains the same no matter what blog post you are reading.  This is always a good place to start if you are new to a particular blog.  For most blogs, the menu gives added information that you won’t find anywhere else, and often offers a drop down menu not visible unless you hover over parts of it.  Menus will appear different from blog to blog based upon the template the blogger has chosen to use.

“WELCOME” Menu Item

Drop Down “Welcome”

Hover over the Menu item “Welcome”, and a drop down menu will appear.  Please click on the drop down “Welcome” and you will find a brand new page welcoming my guests.

Most blogs have an “About Me” page in order for visitors to “meet” the blogger and get a feel right away as to what the blog will generally be about.  My welcome page is a bit different in that it is a true welcome, and an invitation to join me in conversation.

Drop Down “Contact Me”

You will also find a new drop down “Contact Me”.  In the days ahead, should you have prayer requests or questions/comments that you don’t want every reader to read – here you will find a new email address.  Also, if you are new to reading blogs, “Contact Me” explains how to follow my blog – either as a fellow blogger or solely a reader.  (I remember when I was new how hard it was to figure out how to follow someone – sometimes still is.)

Drop Down “Copyright”

In a day and age when people may plagiarize, this is just for protection of the written material and photography.  Nothing more.

As the week progresses, I will go over other aspects of the blog for visitors, and those who may not have poked around in a while.  And I would love feedback!

I hope that in the days and weeks ahead, you will find here a place to sit and breath.  A place where you can find a slice of courage to move you to keep going with added strength.

Again, welcome to “En Courage”!


Robin <3

Thank You! And Changes Are Coming!

My husband and I are currently on vacation in the Carolina’s – our first vacation other than long weekends since we were married 4 years ago.  We are having a blast!  The weather has been beautiful – the 70’s, which is a very nice change from our Maryland winter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is about 10:58 pm, and Gary is snoring on the couch next to me, after falling asleep during a UK Basketball game.  (I believe they won.)  I have missed interacting with you! My Christmas was probably the best in years, as I shared special time with Gary and 2 of our sons, and our oldest’s girlfriend. God is doing amazing things, for which I am very grateful! I pray that you saw Jesus in your Christmas, and that your heart and soul were comforted and uplifted, even in the middle.

I want to thank you for reading the Advent posts, and for all your wonderful interaction with me – you made it seem more like we were sitting together over coffee.  Your comments meant a lot, and I enjoyed writing, listening to, and praying for all of you.

Several of you mentioned that the series format was greatly appreciated.  So, when I return in a couple of weeks, you will notice some changes.  The first change you will notice will be in the name of the blog – outlined below.  I will begin posting 4 times a week, with a weekly or monthly topic.  Also, the blog will focus completely on encouragement, rather than a variety of themes.  Lastly, you will find some other minor changes that will, I hope, make the blog more cohesive, and more greatly hone in on the theme of encouragement.

The blog’s new name will be “En Courage”.

The word “encourage” is from a french word meaning “to instill heart”.  Along with that, you will find a new Avatar and sub-head, so new and visiting readers can more quickly realize the overall focus.gravitar-photo

As in the Advent series, over the 4 days a week, I will share scripture, stories, worship, and suggestions to keep us going.  I hope to hear regularly from you. I would love you to share the scriptures, suggestions, and worship music that has brought you courage to face life and all if offers.  I would also love to hear your stories of how you have encouraged others, and how you have been encouraged.  I would love to publish some of your stories, to pass on the courage you have given or received.

We all need to have a boost of courage sometimes. As you read, if you are currently encouraged – pass the blog onto a friend who made need a boost.

I look forward to growing in this journey with you, and I love that we can instill courage within each other.

I will sit with you once more in a couple of weeks.  Please, in the meantime, send me any prayer requests.  (In that vain, I will be setting up a new email address when I return, so that you can more easily send me prayer requests and notes privately.)


Robin <3

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Philippians 1:3