Books, Music, and Movies

Disclaimer:  My reviews are personal and freely given.  Nor am I being reimbursed in any way for giving them.

Books I’ve read and enjoyed: (Last Updated 7/17)

If You Find this Letter“, by Hannah Brencher – Memoirs of a young woman who finds purpose through writing letters to total strangers.

Listen, Love, Repeat“, by Karen Ehman – Learn to listen to the “heart drops” of those around you, to overcome the self absorbing culture we live in.

Love Does“, by Bob Goff – An amazing Jesus follower who by example shows us the power of loving at all cost.  His stories are whimsical and delightful.  This is no heavy read!  He begins each chapter with, “I used to believe__________about God, but now I realize________________.”

Magnolia Story“, by Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines, and Mark Dagostino – the true life story of the Gaines family from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”.


Music that has spoken to my soul:

What A Beautiful Name” by Hillsong

Open Hands“, by Laura Story and Mac Powell

Even If“, by Mercy Me

Oh My Soul“, by Casting Crowns

Dear Me“, by Nicole Nordeman

The Sound of Surviving“, by Nicole Nordeman


Movies I’ve Enjoyed:

Hoovey” (2015) PG – Based upon a true story of a young man who beats all odds against cancer to play basketball.

The One I Wrote For You” (2014) PG – Good family movie about an amazing song writer who temporarily lets go of his standards to succeed, but learns that values and family matter more than success.

The African Doctor” (2016) – Couldn’t find a rating, but it is family friendly.  Based upon a true story about an African doctor who moves his family from Africa to become the doctor in a small French country town.  Does have some subtitles.

McFarland USA” (2015) PG – True story about Jim White, who takes poor migrant farmer’s sons and turns them into champion long-distance runners.  An inspiring story that reminds me not to see others at face value, but to look for the gifts and abilities God has given them.


My All Time Fav’s:

The Vow” (2012) PG-13 – Drama/Romance based upon a true story about a couple who experience a devastating accident not long after they were married.  The remainder of the movie expresses sacrificial love capable of restoring what was lost. A tear-jerker, but well worth watching as it is so inspirational.

Florence Nightingale” (1985) PG, made for TV, starring Kevin Costner – Based on an amazing true story of a woman in the 1800’s who left high society to serve the injured as the pioneer of nursing. She was known as “The lady with the lamp.”

Pride and Prejudice” (A&E) with Colin Ferth and Jennifer Ehle. A classic love story by Jane Austen.

I will be adding to this list over time – so please visit again!