Each blogger I am introducing on this page has met Jesus, and has found him to be their greatest encourager.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I hope to add to it as time goes on.

(Bloggers that I regularly read, if you don’t find yourself on the list, I have chosen blogs based upon a general theme that deals with issues that may be of help in times of struggle.  I hope that you understand!)

Should you decide to visit one of the listed blogs, I’d love for you to let me know.  If you have found a particular blog to be helpful, I’d love to know that as well!

Beauty Beyond Bones – The author (she has chosen to remain anonymous) has found freedom, because of Jesus, from a severe eating disorder.  She is funny, relevant about many issues, and speaks the truth.  Her perspective on life greatly encourages me.

Gray Clouds, Clear Skies – Peggy suffers from depression.  Her blog is real and honest as she works through the difficulties of life.  She doesn’t gloss where she finds herself, but also shares how having Jesus in her daily world makes a difference.

Awesome Marriage – Dr. Kim Kimberling puts together a wonderful blog dealing with mostly marriage issues, but occasionally family issues as well.  I have found a lot of very sound advice, from a Jesus perspective.

Restory Me – Mary DeMuth is a wonderful author.  She comes from a place where childhood wasn’t always kind, and suffering didn’t pass by because of her age.  She is an engaging writer, and is not afraid to be transparent where life has been hard, but also shares the amazing hope that knowing Jesus offers anyone.  I find her blog a refreshing feast for the soul!

The Run Amock – Amber has a very poetic way of writing about life, but don’t assume that she has little to say.  She speaks with relevance and transparency about where Jesus has brought her from, and where life has her right now.  She comes from a very hard place, and has found that the grace and love of Jesus can heal a broken soul. Her book “Wild In the Hollow” tells her story.  (I have not had the pleasure of reading her book, so can’t attest to it.)

Finally, as I write this list, I do so with one caution.  I don’t read every blog from every one of these authors, but I have found that the many I have read from each to be wonderful reads with wonderful ways of dealing with life, from their perspective of knowing Jesus. Should you come across a particular post that bothers you, please remember that we all have differing perspectives at times.

None of my recommendations have been requested, they are purely mine.  Nor have I been compensated in any way for the comments I have given.  I truly love these blogs and have benefited from them greatly!

Lastly, I hope to add to the list over time, so please stop back now and then to see what may be new.  What may be helpful.

With love,

Robin <3