Bible/Study Tools

If you are looking for a good online Bible, here are two wonderful resources that will not only give you a myriad of translations, but they also contain wonderful study tools for those interested in concordances, lexicons, actual Bible Studies, and the like:

Bible Gateway (This is the site I most often use for Bible referencing, as I like their format the best.)

Bible Hub (This is the tool I use most for Lexicons and Concordances.)

Online Bible Studies

“First 5” App for Mac and PC on iTunes/for Android – FREE from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  This is a unique app in that it contains an alarm to awaken you in the morning, so that your first 5 minutes can be with Jesus, in his Word.  The idea behind it is that your first 5 minutes of the day are the most important to setting the tone for the day.  The app also contains a social media portion, a more extensive Bible Study for those who wish to delve deeper, a journaling portion, and the ability to purchase a lovely Study Book.  I have utilized every aspect of this App and love it!

She Reads Truth App for Mac and PC on iTunes/for Android – FREE.  I have done several of their Bible Studies.  The beauty of this app is that you can choose from their archives either short or long studies.  They offer studies revolving around holidays, hymns, topics, and books of the Bible.  You may need to purchase their current studies, I’m not certain.  Should you wish to do a current study, their are beautifully designed study manuals for purchase.  There is a social media portion with this study.  The study takes about 10-15 minutes a day.

Online Daily Devotions

Proverbs 31 Daily Devotion I love this daily devotion that can be sent right to my email inbox every morning.  It speaks to women’s lives – in the real world.  Each devotion is self-contained and takes only about 5 minutes to read.  There are added resources for those who are interested.

Grief Share Daily Emails  I never actually used the daily emails, but I as well as my sister-in-law attended this organization’s weekly support group.  I found their organization to be most helpful in healing from my husband’s death.  My sister-in-law did receive the emails and spoke highly of them.

Streams In the Desert by Mrs Charles Cowman, published online by  I actually own a paper copy of this book, and found it to be, next to the Bible, one of my greatest sources of comfort when my husband was so ill, and our son struggled so greatly.  It is written in a more ‘archaic’ language style as her devotions were first published in 1925, but they are by no means unreadable.  As I read January 25 on Crosswalk, I was once again moved by the poignancy and truth of her words written so long ago.  She wrote her 365 daily devotions on the backdrop of her own suffering.  You are able, through, to either read daily directly from the website, or to have the devotions sent daily to your email inbox.

Personally, I have not used, because I own the book.  The book is for sale through their website, or from if you would prefer a paper copy.  (I have seen Apps at the App store for the devotion as well, but I can’t personally attest to their ease of use.)

I am sure there are many other resources that could be added. Should those visiting know of an excellent resource I’ve not mentioned, I’d be glad to take any suggestions, and consider adding them.  Please return occasionally, as I will be adding to the list over time.

My opinions were not solicited, and I receive no compensation of any kind for giving them.


Robin <3