Welcome to “En Courage”!  “Encourage” is a french word meaning to “instill heart” or to “instill courage”.  We all need to be instilled with courage now and then.  I know I do!

I hope that here you will find that you are safe to sit, relax, converse, be encouraged, and share courage.  Please join me over coffee as we talk about real life – what it brings and what it takes – and how to make it.  Not just by the skin of our teeth making it, but courageously making it.

You will find that I am unapologetic about the fact that in life, my greatest courage has been instilled through Jesus Christ.  He and his Word are the foundation for all I write, because listening to his Word and following him works!  I have traveled some rough roads – death of a spouse to cancer, raising a special needs child, infertility and adoption, and now step parenting to name a few roads – and Jesus has never failed.

As you leave or linger, please feel free to converse, and let me know what has encouraged you to keep going.  When you are ready, I’d love to hear where you need some “instilling”. Also, feel free to share your story of encouragement.

If you stop by and find you are already in a good place, but enjoy your stay, please pass on the encouragement you find here, to someone else in your world who needs it right now.


Robin ❤

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Have just read that incredible story and seen the photo of the out of proportion rooster. My dad once bred huge game rooster but I have never seen anything quite like that. The leg length almost supernatural. WOW! Can I share that picture? I will return.

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  2. Hello Child of God, Wonderful to see above gunroswell is here replying to you as well. I express the fullness of my Christlife on a more private space http://www.Sacredmusings.com.au but the blogging is a wonderful learning curve for me and meeting some of you fascinating and wonderful God people is inspiring. I will follow with both you and gunroswell . Keep on on – your site is beautiful. By the Grace of God I’m hoping I will simply make a quite comment each day. Bless you

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    1. Thank you so much, Faye. I am very much enjoying meeting other believers, and so many talented, gifted people! I am so grateful for the opportunity to show Jesus and how amazing he is! This time for me is truly a gift, and I hope I use it well. God Bless!


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