Mary DeMuth’s Writer’s Intensive

Last year I attended this week long writer’s intensive by author Mary DeMuth. I could never have imagined how this one week would change my life. Our intimate group of 11 unpublished writers were loved on, encouraged, poured into, and taught by Mary for 5 days. It was extraordinary. She taught us all the ins and outs of Indy and traditional publishing. We learned the basics of good writing in both fiction and non fiction, and were given nightly assignments to stretch and improve our writing skills. As part of the course we were also handed a manual filled with notes as well as a template for writing a smashing proposal. Finally, we each had the opportunity to have our peers critique our manuscript and a one on one critique with Mary later in the week. These along with the optional lunches and nightly dinners with fellow writers made the week one I will never forget. Because of this course, I now see my dream of having my book published as realistic and doable, and I have the possibility of it one day being picked up by a publisher as several writers who’ve attended Mary’s conference are now traditionally published authors. If you are interested in getting more information on the this year’s conference click on the link below:

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Our group from last year.

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