Overcoming Fear

Week One, “Overcoming Fear”

Unfortunately struggles are a part of life. However, God promises to be bigger than both our struggles and the fears they elicit. The past year has been a time for me of letting God show himself bigger in dealing with fears that had “taken up residence”.

Please join me in this new series “Overcoming Fear” and my new adventure in video – let me know what you think (other than the opening shot – how embarrassing). I don’t know what happened in the editing, but it took me a while to get the video this far as I’m video illiterate. If you can get beyond the opening face – I think you will enjoy the remainder.


If you’d be interested in reading more about what God has done, please check out: “Introducing Me” https://rlseaton.com/introducing-me

I sought the Lord,and He answered meand delivered mefrom all my fears.

Grateful God is so much bigger, and grateful for you!

Robin <3





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