Set on Fire 

Carolyn is a vibrant, witty young woman with an ability to capture Christianity and the modern culture with a captivating manner. Yesterday was Pentecost, and Caralyn’s blog, “Beauty Beyond Bones” gives some wonderful food for thought.


So my neighbor is smoking weed.

And I’m tellin’ ya…this end of the hallway positively reeks. I swear, walk from here to the elevator and you’re going to be baked by approximation.


If my thoughts seem…well…all over the place…now you know why. 😉

Pentacost Sunday.

It was yesterday, in case you missed it. The infamous “Tongues of Fire” day where we wear red and sing about the Holy Spirit.

I’ve always had a special affection for the day. My childhood imagination would run wild, picturing the scene and what it would have been like to be there. A fantastic chaos of divinity.

But as I’m getting older, I’d be lying if I said that the day and its miraculous events are losing their luster. Maybe it’s all the special effects we’ve become accustomed to in movies and on TV, or perhaps it’s the curse of familiarity, but…

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