Who’s Big Enough To Handle ….This?

When life gets bigger than me, and struggles loom much larger than my landscape, what I want more than anything, is to know there is:

  • Someone powerful enough to make certain I don’t crumble underneath the weight
  • Someone who is bigger than my struggle
  • Someone wiser than I am
  • Someone who can protect me
  • Someone capable of making certain, in the end, all will truly be well

Honestly, I don’t know of a single human who can tick off each of these boxes.  I can’t.  To insist upon it, would be a weight weightier than any of us could carry.

Yet, how often do we actually take the time to make such inquiries?  How often, when things are going well, do we even want to consider that life may not hold such goodness forever, prompting us to ask ourselves the questions, “Who in our world will be there for me when the bottom drops out?”  “And if there is such a one, are they able to handle it all?”  And, “Will they even care enough about me to assist?”

When life is good, we often forget we need a Savior.  We got it.

When life is easy, and the skies are blue, we can convince ourselves that our jobs are enough, our partner is enough, our children are enough, our accomplishments are enough, our activities are enough, and we are enough.

But when the skies crack open and our worlds’ collide out of control  – the gods we’ve made in our image, the things we’ve collected around us, the agents we utilize to numb our senses, everything we call upon to protect and feed our egos and cravings to the full, suddenly aren’t enough.

When our worlds begin to collide, then isn’t the time to try and figure out who is really big enough to rescue me.

Who is able enough?

Who is powerful enough?

And if there is such a one – do they even care enough to help me?

Because, at the moment of collision, all our cravings, collections, and contraband will crumble and fall into dust, becoming no more than gaudy baubles and cheap trinkets to be thrown to the wind.  Unable to assist.  Powerless to save.  Mocking that we needed so much more.

None of us want to plan for such moments.  But unless we do, we may find ourselves one day (or we may already have found ourselves) panicking, as we flail in the quagmire of debris.

These questions, today, are more than pure thought for me.  They are real, and the urgency of asking them great, as this week my church family will bury our beloved senior Pastor, “Pops”, after a long, painful bout with bladder cancer.  I know who carries us, but do you?

We all fashion gods in one form or another.  Careers, people, things, ourselves.  What we are willing to give our lives to pursue, become the gods we fashion.  Yet, we rarely consider if our gods are enough, until they fail.  And they will fail, eventually.

Handmade gods can rescue no one. But the God who created man can rescue anyone.

Throughout this blog, I will always try to answer the questions – Is there a God who made me?  If so, does he care about me enough to listen?  If he cares, is he able to answer?  Does he have the power to rescue?

I know there is such a God.  He has revealed himself through this intricately formed creation he has made – too vast and amazing to have come by accident.

He has also revealed himself through his living word – Jesus Christ, as found in the Bible.

And he has revealed himself to me, through a lifetime of discovering his interaction and intervention in my world.


Cares enough to listen.

And has the power to answer.

This week, I’d like to continue discussing this God’s power.  When worlds collide, it would be nice to know how powerful he is, because Superman is only a story, and I don’t want to do it alone.

Will you join me?

With love and prayers,

Robin <3



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