I Applaud You!

As I’ve pondered Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I think of my own Mamma, “Mither” as I lovingly call her.  She is an amazing woman with whom I’m so grateful to be sharing a relationship called “mother and daughter”.  Like most relationships, we have had our struggles, but the richness of coming through them together, and being on the other side is an amazing gift for which I will forever be grateful.

I, not too long ago, spent 3 weeks with her as she went through surgery, and began recovery for a total knee replacement.  The surgery was very hard on her body, and the medications she was given for pain took a toll on her mind for a time, making it hard for her to reason well.  Those 3 weeks were difficult yet overflowing with special moments I will forever cherish.  I was her coach, nurse, and physical therapist 24 hours a day, but she was the one going through the pain and changes within.  Changes neither of us always knew how to handle well.

As I look back on that time, where roles were reversed, I am reminded of times where she played the roles I temporarily accrued, and think, “What a gift you’ve given me, dear Lord, in knowing this woman.”

My mamma has always been a hard worker, and even in her recent recovery, has always been willing to embrace the difficult when needed, for a better outcome.  One of her favorite motto’s has always been

The tortoise who works slowly but surely will finish the race.  

She has lived by that motto well.

Yet the thing she is most know for is the testimony of her faith.  She hasn’t always had an easy life, and yet her eyes shimmer and her face glows when she begins to speak of her Lord Jesus.  He has certainly and very obviously been her strength and help since she was a young woman.

As I contemplate this up-coming celebration of Mothers, I thank God for this dear woman God gave to be my Mamma.

Her children stand and bless her. Proverbs 31:28a

I stand a bless you!  Thank you not only for being my dear Mither, but my friend.  I love you.

Robin <3


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