Asking God the Hard Questions

Since God made us, why does he allow us to suffer?  Wouldn’t his love do everything it could to prevent pain?  I’ve always thought so.  “Protect me” is my cry!

I grapple with these questions, because life isn’t easy.  The struggles of life have made me ask, trusting God will answer.  They’ve made me study his Word in order to find answers. I really want to know, not in anger, but to understand.

I want to know his answers, and not just assume for or against him by quoting the answers I hear others give.

Does it make a difference to me to know that I’m fashioned and not an accident, as I so boldly spoke of last week?  Yes, certainly.  Does it fix everything.  No.  I need more than that. To know that there is a Creator out there who made me doesn’t answer the hard questions.  To know I’m not an accident is needful – it gives me a place to start, because it gives me a Creator to whom I can ask questions, hoping he cares enough to answer.

My dog died of cancer, my dad died of bone cancer, my husband of 25 years died of melanoma, and my teenage son with autism fell apart and had to leave our home to go live in a hospital setting for a while – all between Christmas of 2007 and November of 2008.  My response was “Why” in the form of a demand, “Okay, God, I’ve suffered enough for your plans. I did my bit, thank you, and it’s my turn now to live in ease.”  I meant it.

Job also asked the hard questions.

Job was a godly man, even in God’s eyes.  Yet Job literally lost everything – his health, his entire family (except his wife), his wealth, and his social standing in his community because of it all – within the span of a few days.  Job had a lot of questions, and he boldly asked them of his Creator and Lord.  He only stopped asking questions long enough to defend himself against the accusations of his friends, who assumed he must have done something in God’s eyes to deserve his state.  The book of Job in the Bible tells this true account and it’s amazing outcome.  It is one of the earliest books written in the Old Testament, simply called “Job“.

To know that I’m fashioned by the Creator gives me a starting place.  It gives me someone to whom I can ask the hard questions of life.  And the hope that he will care to answer.

The Bible is full of God’s people asking God the hard questions.  It’s also surprisingly full of God’s answers.

The starting point for me, Job, and the many others through the Bible who’ve asked God, their Creator, the hard questions, is relationship.  You can ask questions of an intimate friend that you would never ask a stranger.  You might rant at the stranger, but the intimacy of friendship allows you to ask the hard questions only a friend would accept.

Amazingly, friendship with God is possible.  It was even God’s original design.

This week, we will look at “Who Am I?” in relationship to “Who Is God?”, in hopes that we can discover how one can have such a relationship, to be able to ask the hard questions, and have the hope of getting answers.

A Modern Day Job Story Worth Watching

On Netflix, “Hoovey” is the story of a real American family who faced their own struggles, who asked the hard questions of their Creator and Lord, and found some amazing answers.  Here is the link to an interview CBN did with the Eric Elliott’s parents prior to the release of the movie, it gives more background on what the family was going through during the time of Eric’s illness and recovery.  It is an amazing, uplifting story!

You may also enjoy: “Bad Luck….Or Totally Planned!” (This post is a bit longer than my usual.)

Thanks for joining me.

With love and prayers,

Robin <3



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  1. I am so going to watch this movie. I just watched the trailer and am in tears. So many of us can relate tremendously with the book of Job. God is faithful. Having a relationship with Him will get us through our trials. Love you Robin!

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