Repost -God’s Incomprehensible Love

This week I’m with mom, preparing for her knee replacement on Monday.  Today we went to a training on how to best care for her after surgery. Tomorrow and Friday I will meet with long-time, dear friends for lunch; as well as spend precious time with mom, my sister, and brother-in-law through the weekend. I’m grateful for this precious time God has given us.

Last weekend, enroute, I was able to stay with a dear friend I’m able to see maybe once a year. She was 9 when we met, and is now married and raising her first child.  It was good to be in her home for the first time!

I thought I’d repost a blog I wrote a year ago for Advent 2015. There is no way that I can love those struggling perfectly, but there is One who can. His love is the beginning of all true loves.


I pray you are well. I miss our time together!

With love,

Robin <3


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