…But I Can Love

We can’t fix our loved one’s circumstance, but we can love them through it!

As I prepare to write this post, my mind floods with the memories of tangible love others have given through the years:

A person I’ve never met, who works for the adoption agency we used, has called almost monthly for the last year, to see how I’m doing.  She discovered I was struggling with our adopted sons.  Her listening ear and kind words are a salve when moments are rough.

A co-worker of my deceased husband remembered occasions where my husband would have given flowers.  My first Mother’s Day alone, I remember answering the doorbell to find her smiling face with outstretched, flower-laden hands.  The memory still touches my heart today.

A friend gave me permission to call and simply say, “Please pray”, with no questions asked.  She understood there would be times I’d need support without spending time discussing why.  I always knew she followed through, because answers came.

Soon after my husband’s funeral, a friend chose to give up two weeks of her life to stay with me and Evan, so I wouldn’t have to face my new life alone so quickly.

Another friend sat down with me and helped me organize my daily routine.  She understood that simple things after my husband’s death would be difficult.

A dear couple offered to include me in any holiday celebration I was alone and wished to be with friends.

A family took me in every month, for 3-4 days, regardless of the time or season, so I wouldn’t have to stay in a hotel when visiting Evan from out of town.  Their church also embraced me for that 6 months.  Every month, there would be warm welcomes as though I were a long lost relative.  I will never forget their kindness and warmth.

A couple in my church offered his services every Fall and Winter to winterize my home, and then get it ready in the Spring .  If I needed simple home maintenance, he was there. He and his wife would always show up together so there would never be any awkwardness.

When I began dating again, that same couple were willing to act as surrogate parents of a sort to this 50 year old woman, listening and giving wise advice – even meeting perspective dating partners on a double date, so I wouldn’t have to make such important decisions about who I’d spend the rest of my life with alone.

Three of the men in my neighborhood took turns mowing my lawn for nearly 3 years. When I told them I would be moving, each said if I stayed, they’d keep mowing my lawn.

Our personal acts of love become God's gifts in skin. Click To Tweet

I could go on and on.  Each of these people gave their time and resources in such special, personal ways.  I think of them and so many others, and smile with gratitude.  The Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes down from God.  

So, as you stand with your loved ones in their struggles, what in your hands can you offer.  It may become God’s gift in skin for them!


With love,

Robin <3



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