Resting In God’s Peace

Good afternoon friends!  No further news at this time, as our appointment with the specialist isn’t until Thursday.

My plan to up-end fear today:

Rest in the peace of God. He has this under his command.

How is this possible?  This song by Jonny Diaz, “Breathe” explains it well.

Care to take a deep breath with me?



Thanks for being here today.  I appreciate it more than you realize.

With love,

Robin <3

p.s. I’m making a copy of the Matthew 11:28 available in a pdf format, to use on your phone, for anyone who emails me a request at “”.  I will then add you to my email subscription list for you to receive an invitation to receive emails in your inbox.  I won’t use your email for anything other than for things pertaining to this blog without first getting your permission.


4 thoughts on “Resting In God’s Peace

  1. I, too, continue to pray for you and your son and the doctors. That you will breathe, will rest in the strong arms of Jesus as today wants to bring fear of tomorrow’s appointment.

    1. Thank you so much, Peggy! Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated, as I’m finding I must guard my thoughts carefully right now from letting the enemy use them toward fear. With His strength and his people’ prayers and encouragement, I am winning! Praise Him!

  2. I continue to pray for your son and you, Robin, and remind you again to take hold of the hand of the Spirit who is right there beside you to support you in this and every endeavor and trial!

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