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How has your day gone?  I awoke at 6am, had my quiet time with Jesus and worship.  I’ve begun walking with a neighbor at 7, but she cancelled out, so that didn’t happen today.

The Lord has really been helping me to change my perspective on my daily routine!  I haven’t been a morning person ever, but am finding I don’t accomplished as much in a day as I need.  I have to make a change!  Yet, I’ve been working on this area of my life for years!  It’s a difficult area for me.

I’m doing so much better than when I first became a homemaker – back then, I’d get up after my husband left for work, feel overwhelmed, and go back to bed until noon.  Pretty bad.

Until about 3 weeks ago, I’d usually get up between 8-9.  But with hubby getting home around 3:30, add getting ready, 2 meals, a quiet time, blogging, occasionally writing, phone calls, and walking the dog – there wasn’t much time left, and the house was looking deprived.  And I was feeling guilty.  Does anyone else relate?

“I hate getting up so early when I don’t ‘need’ to”.

“But it isn’t helping me accomplish what is needed, and is hampering my ability to get things done.”

I’ve come to see my perspective is obviously skewed by my wrong thinking.

My standpoint  isn’t working at all!  I need a change.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I went to the Lord and asked,
Lord, I need a new perspective - Please exchange my perspective for yours. Click To Tweet

With that prayer, God brought to my attention 2 blogs – one on minimalism/decluttering, and a second that features a planner that organizes my daily tasks through a check off sheet, with a week at a glance.  Along with these tools, God has begun changing my perspective, by changing my attitude, to one of joy, which is truly a miracle.  I’m also finding that tasks that once seemed overwhelming or too mundane, aren’t being seen this way any longer.  I’m actually amazed at the transformation, and know I can take no credit.  But God!

A couple of days ago, I thought, “What if this doesn’t last?”  I immediately had to rebuke that thought as coming from the enemy of my soul and remind myself that God is faithful. He will continue to help.

I’m so grateful that God cares about something as “small” as this (it doesn’t end world hunger or cloth the homeless, but God cares because it means something to me and my family).  I can picture him, in heaven, looking down at me in my tidier house, and saying, “My girl – good job.” Not because he cares so much about my clean house, but because

God cares about freeing me from the inside stuff that weighs me down.

What’s weighing you down on the inside?  In what areas of life do you need a fresh perspective?  Can I pray with you?

I’d also love to hear your stories of freedom in new perspectives.  Please!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11

With love,

Robin <3


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