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I hope your day has gone well!  I have actually been painting the trim in my kitchen and dining room today!  Please cheer me on, as I’ve put this off for about 2 years now (I mean painting the entire dining room/kitchen), and finally started Thanksgiving weekend with the help of a friend – bless her!  BUT, I’m almost done.  God has been doing a cool work of restoration in me the last few months, and it feels good to be free enough to tackle these bigger jobs around the house without feeling overwhelmed!  Do any of you around the table understand, or is it just me?

I have also found some wonderful resources in the last couple of weeks that have helped me to gain further ground in the area of homemaking, which has never been a task I’ve felt I’ve done well with, even though I have enjoyed pieces of it for many years.

Anyway, now that the paint brush is washed, and the paint can stored neatly nearby for tonight, I am here and ready to finish my virtual tour for the week.  (Tomorrow I will finish up the week with a bit of a surprise!)

The “Resource” tab on the menu has been up all week, but only yesterday did I actually add a sub menu, so if you tried to find resources earlier in the week, you would have discovered the menu empty – but not any longer!

Please follow me to the “Resource” menu, hover over, and you will find 2 pages.  I’ve been working hard on these the last 2 days, and truthfully, I’m not finished.  (So please return again at a later date!)  Currently, I have included two main catagories –

1.  Online and App Bibles, Bible Studies, and Devotions that have greatly blessed and ministered to me at various times in life, many of which I currently utilize.

2. Blogs I have found most helpful. Each blog gives the author, and the area where Jesus has met them and helped them.  Not every post they write has to do with the struggles they’ve been through, but even those posts that don’t, come from the place of victory in life they’ve discovered because of Jesus.

The lists I’m making (especially the Blogs) could be much longer, as I love so many of the blogs I read. I tried to stick with the blogs that would cover areas of pain and heartache, and how God has brought restoration through Jesus.  Over time, I may broaden my scope – let me know what you’d like to see!

I will be adding a “Book” and “Shop” pages as well in the near future.

As I sit at my kitchen table, and view freshly painted walls and tacky white glossy trim, I’m thankful for two additional blogs that didn’t get added to the “Resources” at this time.  “Nourishing Minimalism” and “Happy Little Housewife“.  Even though they don’t necessarily cover the topics I’ve reserved for the “Resources” pages, I am very grateful for them.  God is using their wonderful homemaking resources to help me grow in new ways and instill courage for my daily home duties – and that is always a good thing, isn’t it!

Thank you for joining me once again today!  I look forward to our time tomorrow.

With love,

Robin <3


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