Let Me Show You Around

Hi!  And welcome back to “En Courage”.  I’m so glad you’re here!

This is going to be an unusual week, as I will be introducing the new aspects of the blog.  I will end the week with an interview format.  Next week, I will begin the new format I mentioned in the “Changes” post a couple of weeks ago.

If you are new to reading blogs, I will be sharing navigational tools that may be new to you. Hopefully, this week’s posts will help increase your comfort level as you travel the blogging world.  If you are familiar not only with blogs, but mine in particular, the posts this week will give you an opportunity to poke around and see new and updated “pages”. (Pages are static and so are normally a constant within a blog – but pages are very personal, and so vary greatly between bloggers.)

The “Menu”

For those new to blogging, the “Menu” at the top of the page is static.  It remains the same no matter what blog post you are reading.  This is always a good place to start if you are new to a particular blog.  For most blogs, the menu gives added information that you won’t find anywhere else, and often offers a drop down menu not visible unless you hover over parts of it.  Menus will appear different from blog to blog based upon the template the blogger has chosen to use.

“WELCOME” Menu Item

Drop Down “Welcome”

Hover over the Menu item “Welcome”, and a drop down menu will appear.  Please click on the drop down “Welcome” and you will find a brand new page welcoming my guests.

Most blogs have an “About Me” page in order for visitors to “meet” the blogger and get a feel right away as to what the blog will generally be about.  My welcome page is a bit different in that it is a true welcome, and an invitation to join me in conversation.

Drop Down “Contact Me”

You will also find a new drop down “Contact Me”.  In the days ahead, should you have prayer requests or questions/comments that you don’t want every reader to read – here you will find a new email address.  Also, if you are new to reading blogs, “Contact Me” explains how to follow my blog – either as a fellow blogger or solely a reader.  (I remember when I was new how hard it was to figure out how to follow someone – sometimes still is.)

Drop Down “Copyright”

In a day and age when people may plagiarize, this is just for protection of the written material and photography.  Nothing more.

As the week progresses, I will go over other aspects of the blog for visitors, and those who may not have poked around in a while.  And I would love feedback!

I hope that in the days and weeks ahead, you will find here a place to sit and breath.  A place where you can find a slice of courage to move you to keep going with added strength.

Again, welcome to “En Courage”!


Robin <3


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