Practical Ideas for Facing Daunting Tasks

Advent Week 2, Day 4 – Practical Ideas for Facing Daunting Tasks

After Norman passed, I learned something real quick – if something in the future makes me panic, I don’t have to think about it right now.

Usually it was something that didn’t have to be dealt with right away.  So I’d pray and ask God that when I really did need to deal with it, he’d give me the strength to do so wisely and calmly.  He did.  Always. Eventually.

The biggest area of panic for me was thinking about how large my house was just for me, and what would I do with all the accumulated stuff of 25 years of marriage. I knew I’d be selling and downsizing, but it all looked very daunting.   It took 3 years to gain the strength to tackle my stuff.  I wasn’t in a hurry anyway.

I started off by asking a friend over to help me begin.  She was there only a couple of hours, but her tenacity to ask the hard question “do you really need that?” was difficult but helpful.  Sometimes I said “yes”, and other times I acquiesced to her look. Just that short amount of time got me started.

In getting rid of Norman’s clothes, I took pictures and laughed at his collection of sweater vests, dress shirts, and ties.  He loved clothes!

God was gracious.  He gave me the idea to make getting rid of things a game.  How many boxes could I collect for donation?  And how many pieces of furniture could I give away? My tally was eventually around 100 boxes and 14 pieces of furniture!  I even had a good laugh one afternoon with the Salvation Army pick up person when I explained that I had 50 boxes to be picked up.  He asked me for a date – I graciously declined.

During this time of uncertainty, what do you need to shelve for a time when God is ready to give you the ability to tackle something hard?  If that time is now, pray for one practical idea to make the task or decision easier.  Jesus is good at hearing us and answering as we trust in him.


Schedule a date with a friend to help you tackle that project that looms

Take one small step this week toward facing that giant

Make time daily to pray for wisdom, direction, and strength

If you are in the middle of tackling giants, make certain you take a break to have some fun or to rest

Find a prayer partner – someone you can call on to say “pray now”

Stay in fellowship with God’s people and with God through his Word – lone sheep are the easiest to pick off

Make a schedule of one thing you could easily accomplish each day for a week – keep it simple (no long diatribes), and check that one thing off as you do it.  Be kind to yourself

With love and prayers,

Robin <3


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