Incorporate A Piece of “Normal”

What were your holidays like before life changed?  Would there be one thing that you could incorporate to lift your spirits this holiday season?  Don’t look at the whole of what used to be, but look at one thing you can do now.

The Christmas after my husband passed away, Evan was newly settled into a hospital 2 hours flight time away, in order to help him deal with his cascading emotions. My sister-in-law and I planned on meeting there to enjoy Christmas with him, and so I wasn’t going to be home much.  Regardless, for me, I needed something to remind me of normalcy so I didn’t get severely depressed and overwhelmed by my great losses.  I purchased a pre-lit, table top Christmas tree that I could easily plug in when I was home.  It was a small gesture and took only about 5 minutes to accomplish, and compared to what I had done previous years it wasn’t much, but in those moments when I was sitting quietly, it brought me joy as I gazed at the twinkling lights.

Take 5 minutes within the next week to do something that will incorporate a piece of normal.  If you aren’t certain what to do, pray about it.  If you are unable to even do that right now, ask a friend to suggest something and then ask them to carry it out for you.


Play that song, have a friend make that recipe, put out a bowl of your favorite ornaments, have the kids color a paper Christmas Tree to tape on the door, string one strand of lights over a window, put a wreath on the front door, wear that favorite Christmas sweater, purchase a faux Poinsettia for your table, spend time with a friend who understands….

And remember, you aren’t alone, so run to Jesus!


With love and prayers,

Robin <3


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