Living Above the Struggles

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I’m beginning to understand why I don’t always experience life above the struggles.  Why more often than I’d like to admit I become engulfed by them.  The key is found in relationship with the never changing God. (Just follow me, please!)

He’s always gracious.  Always loving.  Always just.  Always truthful.  Always caring.  He keeps his promises.

I change all the time.

I get mad, then I’m fine.

I become fearful, and then I’m fearless.

I love, and then wonder how to love.

I’m gracious to some, but not to all.

I live in a world where people only understand what is seen, touched, and felt.

My emotions brought on by the struggles rule me more than I’d like to admit.

I want to be able to live above the struggles rather than have them engulf me, but I can’t, unless I begin to live from God’s unchanging vantage point above the struggles.

God’s words in the Bible are filled with keys to unlock how to live from God’s vantage point – and here are just a few of the hundreds similar:

Romans 15:13

Psalm 91:1-2

Philippians 4:6-7

Isaiah 40:29-31

Do you see the keys? When you trust the Lord; If you make the Lord your refuge and dwelling place; If you come to the Lord with your requests and gratefulness; those who hope  in (or wait on) the Lord.

The bounty God offers (peace, hope, protection, and strength) can be found only when I recognize that He knows better than I do.  He is stronger than I am.  He is more capable than I ever will be.

God isn’t caught off guard by my struggles.  He lives above them, unchanged by them, but not callous to them.


And, his great love invites me to join him.

Utilizing his wisdom, his strength, his grace, his love, his bounty.

In yielded relationship to him through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ.

For my very best. And for his honor.

That’s what I’m beginning to figure out.

Thanks for listening, and I’d love your response!

With love and prayers,

Robin <3


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