I Do Matter!

Me and my guy, almost 20 years ago.


I long to matter.

From the time I can remember, I longed to be a “Mom”.  From a young age, I would caress my dolls while feeding them tenderly, cloth them in the best my little hands could offer, and then coo them softly to sleep, dreaming of the day I’d become real.

Infertility altered the dream, and so adoption became our hope for me to finally become.  I remember that special day so long ago, as though it were yesterday. With sweaty palms and mind racing, we brought our 5 year old, non-verbal son with autism home, knowing that we were going to face some very rough waters as we all adjusted. We’d had many a long conversation about our decision, and knew this was God’s plan for us.  He would go with us through whatever depths and storms. But nevertheless, I’d do it with a title I’d long awaited to be awarded.

Throughout his growing up, my little guy would thank me in his simple ways for being there for him, and then at times, within the next few moments lash out for the pain and suffering he was feeling as his world had been ripped apart through adoption. One moment, his savior, and the next his worst nightmare. Neither of us planned it that way.  Waves can sweep anyone off their feet in an unexpected moment. As he hit puberty, the waves became higher and stronger, until the magnitude nearly toppled us.  Yet, through it all, even though I’ve rarely heard him call me “Mom”, I assumed that was who I was.

I’ve begun reading a very insightful book entitled “Primal Wound” by Nancy Verrier in order to begin to better understand the calms and extreme storms of my son’s growing up years, and the wounds he still carries. And truthfully, I read it in hopes of better understanding my own pain.

As a result of what I’m reading, last week, I took the very painful, vulnerable step of asking my son if he ever considered me his “mom”, in hopes that this small gesture might open for him an avenue to speak his own thoughts on his adoption freely, for the first time.  “No” was his simple, straightforward reply.  In his world of non-verbal (minimal words) autism, straightforward is a way of life.

My universe began to unwind.  Enmeshed in all the pain we have gone through, I’d always assumed.  I should have known better, but I didn’t.

So, who am I?  Others would say that I am still a Mom.  I still play the role, and he still needs me.  But the one who matters most in this negates that reasoning.

As I’ve had to consider who I really am, after all these years, I have also heard resounding in my mind, “If I’m not ‘Mom’, then who am I, and how do I matter in all of this?”

Late last week, a friend spoke, but through her tender words, I heard the distinct voice of my heavenly Father.  “The questions, my daughter, are not, “Who am I?” or “How do I matter?”.  The questions really are, “To whom do I matter?” and “How does that One see me?”

In that moment, a paradigm shift began ever so slightly inside.  Healing began.

My son may never, in his own pain and journey, see me as “Mom”, nor should I now expect it.  He had 2 moms prior to me, and lost them both.

He may never truly appreciate the needed role I play in his life, and sometimes, when he does, his pain may lash out rather than embrace.

Yet my heavenly Daddy is the One who charged me with this role, and he is the One to whom I will one day be accountable to for how well I played it.  He is the One who strengthens me whether or not I hear “Mom”, “Thank you”, “I love you”, or whatever else I long to hear.

If I choose to play this role with all that is within me, I may be able to assist my son’s healing.  I will matter, just in a way I didn’t expect.

And one day, I will hear those things I long to hear from the One who chose me.

Do I matter?  Yes. When I ask the right questions.

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4

Thanks for listening!

With love and prayers,

Robin <3

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19 thoughts on “I Do Matter!

  1. You recently liked a comment of mine on another blogger’s post, which led me to look at your blog, which I admire greatly and identify with. I have two sets of friends with experiences of adoption (interracial) and autism (with their biological son), so this post of yours about your adopted autistic son touches me deeply.

    You may want to look at my blog “Let Us Live Like We Mean It,” and especially at the post called “Forgiveness.” If you do look at them, I hope you will like them and comment, not for purposes of “stats,” but because I would *really* like to know what you think! Thanks!

    1. Timi, I thank you so very much for your comment. I did look on your blog and read ‘forgiveness’. I was moved and saddened by what you’ve gone through, and so grateful to God for his amazing, embracing healing going on in your life. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. God bless dear lady.

  2. “And one day, I will hear those things I long to hear from the One who chose me’—things like, “Well done, good & faithful Mommy.” 🙂

  3. Beautiful words sis. Thank you for sharing your heart. My thought is this: maybe “Mom” to Even means loss and rejection. Could it be, in his heart, he assigns something greater to the relationship you share?

    I know that if his love were not deep, his fear of losing would not be so cripppling at times. We live in a fairy tale world and although reality is hard, it is real, and true, and doable through the One who strengthens us. I’m so glad we are on THAT journey as sisters. ❤

  4. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how God changes the question to be the one we need answered. And we matter. To Him, for Him. Thank you for sharing this difficult beautiful insight.

  5. Yes, you definitely do matter! To God and to us! You are such a good writer- I really enjoy reading your posts!

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