I Saw A Miracle….

20150212_055414_1This week, I was able to be a part of something very special.  Several weeks ago, my husband and I met a family who recently moved to the area from another state.  They came here because they have family in the area, but they left their home because of fear of being harmed.  They didn’t have much to begin with, but because of their circumstances, they came with nothing but some clothes.  I mentioned their need on our church’s women’s Facebook page, and the response was beautiful.  Within a day or so, we were able to rent a 16 ft Budget Rental Truck so we could go and pick up a queen mattress and box springs along with an almost new sofa sleeper.  When we arrived at the home of the people donating these items, the mom smiled and took me to a box with children’s books and a few small toys.  “My boys decided to donate some of their toys to the children.  It was their own idea.”  She also added bedding for the mattress and box springs, and added, “I’m sorry I don’t have a frame for it.”  I told her that was just fine, that God would provide the rest.

As we were loading these items in an empty 16 foot truck, I received another call.  “Robin, a friend of mine has a full bedroom set.  This is her number.  I got a hold of the owner of the bedroom set, and she said, “I have a queen bedroom set, along with a bed frame, but no mattress and box springs.  I’m sorry!”  I began to laugh as we had just loaded the mattress and box springs onto the truck.  We headed to their house to pick up the bedroom set, and as we finished loading it, she asked “could they use a microwave?”  She added a microwave and cart to the truck – our truck was no longer too big!

We added a twin bed,  and met another woman from church at the recipient’s home with another twin bed and bedding.  All in one night!

Today I received a message from another woman from church on Facebook “Robin, I have a dining room set and 4 chairs – and I have a truck to haul it if you have the man power to load it.  Please don’t rent another truck!”

Within less than a week, God provided not only much of what they needed, he provided beautiful things.  The couch is the husband’s favorite color – blue!  Only God knew!


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