So Thankful For……Feeling Better

20150818_170145I haven’t been feeling completely well for a few months now, and the chiropractic and massage bills have been racking up on me.  It had gotten to the point about 2 months ago that I was in pain most of the time, and I was beginning to get discouraged. I have never experienced this before, and it was beginning to wear on me.

Then, on the Florida trip in June, I asked my sister in law, Carlene, to show me the program she was using.  She wasn’t in pain, but had raved about how it helped her body, and so I was willing to give it a shot.  The Program is called “The Melt Method”, and it exercises the faschia, which is the connective tissue of the muscles.

Carlene is not a trainer, but just with her showing me the routines she uses, and my using the MELT METHOD roller on my back and neck, as well as the roller balls on my feet for 3-4 days, much of my constant pain in my neck, upper back, and feet was gone, and the range of motion of my neck had improved.

I came home, and because I was feeling so much better, did nothing!  About one month later, I was asked to work a week at my old desk job while the Admin Assistant was on vacation.  Sitting at a desk all day for 5 days, brought back all the pain I had been feeling before the MELT METHOD routines in Florida!  So, remembering the relief I had been given, I went on the MELT METHOD website and ordered the entire kit, including the Instruction Book, the Roller, the Balls, and the videos.

I received the package containing all I’d ordered in about 3 days – I was amazed at the quick turn-around from the ordering date.  I have been able to use the routines for my neck and back through just reading about them in the book (but I also had the one on one instruction from Carlene in Florida as well.)  I haven’t used the feet routine but maybe once or twice because my feet are still feeling pretty good.  The book is very easy to use, but if someone has never even seen it done, there are You Tube videos, and if one purchases the entire kit, it comes with CD’s on how to use the equipment.  It is so easy, and takes very little time to do the two routines I have been doing – about 10-15 minutes.  I feel relief right away!

I have been using the Roller about 4 weeks now, about 3x a week.  The relief is always immediate, but if I spend a lot of time on the computer sitting, it may take 2 days for the relief to begin to last for more than a few hours.  The program says that it helps with chronic pain – and it is true.  I haven’t endured the kind of pain that many have, but what I was experiencing for several months was beginning to be debilitating.  I am so grateful to the Lord for showing me this program – it has greatly decreased my pain, has increased my flexibility, and has decreased the drain on our pocketbook.  All gifts from a wonderful Father who heard my requests.  I also spoke with my chiropractor about it, and he said that rollers do work to exercise the faschia and increase movement.  He was very pleased that I had found this, and that it was working to reverse the trend toward increased pain and decreased movement.  Yeah!

I know that there are many in pain, who may read this.  I hope that this may help you.  ABC News produced a wonderful testimonial about Marisa Merliss, a dancer and fitness model.  She tried the MELT METHOD, and found great relief from many years’ struggle with chronic pain.

If you suffer from chronic pain, I would be glad to pray for you, just let me know – Jesus, the greatest physician, does amazing things.  If you have used the “MELT METHOD” before, I would love to hear about your experience.  Also, if you decide to give it a try, let me know how it works.


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