Mystery Unsolved….Or Is It?

It had been a lovely weekend away.  Totally relaxing, no time crunches, just the two of us.  Weather was even perfect with bright, warm to the soul sunshine, azure blue sky backdropping cotton candy clouds, and only a hint of rain.  Leesburg was lovely – my kind of town.  Just the right number of antique stores, quaint shoppes, and amazingly beautiful historic architecture.  We only had 48 hours, but the time together, in this place was just what we needed to refresh our souls and rejunivate our relationship.  Gary and I had had a wonderful time together!  To top it off, he chose the place just for me – “babe, there isn’t anything here I care about but you”, he had said shortly before leaving to go home.  What more could a girl want!

Our drive home wasn’t intended to get there quickly.  We had a bit of time, and so had planned on enjoying these last vestages of a beautiful retreat weekend together.  So, as we drove through lush countryside, and past quaint historic towns, I was on the lookout, as usual, for the perfect place to stop for a photo shoot.  Gary, my husband, is used to this quirk of mine, and was very willingly to change course when he heard, “Oh, Gary, look at that beautiful historic church way back there!  Can we find it so I can get a photo?”  Soon, we were off the main road and headed on a new adventure – to find the church, and whatever else the moment, and the Lord would gift us with!  Pure delight!

We soon found the church “New Jerusalem Lutheran Church”, Lovettsville, VA, built beginning in 1765, and I was able to get some beautiful shots.  Upon finishing, like a butterfly noticing the newest bit of nectar before the taste from the previous flower is even off her proboscis, I suddenly spot a new vista!  “Gary, I’m finished with the church, but I see something in that field over there that may be a perfect shot.”  The light was at peak saturation, and I wanted to take full advantage of it before it was gone for the day.  So, off we headed down a new lane.  The field didn’t prove fruitful as there were too many trees in the way, but as we drove, to the right of the field, we suddenly noticed a small outcropping of trees.  They were densely packed, and so the light beneith them was much darker than the sunlight all around them.  So dense, that beneith them hid a massive form, as dark as the trees themselves.  The form took us off guard, as it was disproportionate to the rest of the scenery.  What mystery had we discovered here?  And what were we to do about it?  Was this some freak of nature?  Or was it something totally explainable?  Gary slowed the car down, but we dared not get out – we didn’t know what this thing would do.  Was it friendly?  If so, why was it lurking in the shadows as it was?  With such unanswered questions, we couldn’t take a chance, but neither could we just drive on pretending we had never seen it.  So, slowly, I rolled down the window, not daring to get too close, and raised my camera.  It stood still as if to let us know that it was harmless, and so we need not fear.  Click!  The proof was with us – tucked away in my camera.  Otherwise, no one would have ever believed our tale.  Gary slowly, so as not to frighten it, turned the car around, and headed back from where we had come.  The only proof lie within my handbag.  And the tale stands to this day.

Lurking in the Shadows!
Lurking in the Shadows!

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  1. Haha, I had a great chuckle, my friend! I could picture you telling me this story in person 🙂 what a wonderful weekend getaway! We haven’t had one in awhile, I look forward to our next adventure 🙂 Love you!

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