So Very Thankful!

Over the next months, I would like to occasionally add a blog “So Very Thankful” as I find that the more often I think about the blessings in my life, the better off I am.  When I find myself being more negative, pulling out my “Thanksgiving Journal” and beginning to write is a sure fire way to boost my mood.  The things I am often thankful for aren’t earth shattering.  Actually the more “mundain” the item, the more items I can be thankful for.  The more items I’m thankful for, the more I see how truly blessed I am.  If I can feel gratitude for birds’ trill and the sun glinting through the trees; and if I can see a friend’s text or the smile and wave of a neighbor as a gift from God, then I am doubly blessed.  I try and keep a “Thanksgiving Journal” to record such gifts.  I began the journal several months ago when I was going through an extremely difficult time.  God brought the book “1000 Gifts”, by Anne Voscamp, into my life – and it transformed the way I see the ordinary!  Truly!  So, I begin my “So Very Thankful” blog column by mentioning the two courses I am currently taking through WordPress right now – Blogging 101 and Photo 101.  Through these two courses, I have met some wonderfully talented people, and I have traveled the world so to speak while sitting at my computer.  I have learned so much already and look forward to so much more!

I’m learning about all sorts of technical stuff in regards to writing blogs.  I never knew what a “widget” was or for that matter how critical it is to a blogger until a week ago!  Who would have thought!  I understood “tags” for Instagram, but was clueless for blogs.  I am also learning that blogging isn’t just about journaling my thoughts, it is about meeting people and learning the how-to’s.  The classes are only half over, but I have gained so much already.  For that I am truly thankful to God.  For he is the giver of all good gifts – he is the one who prompted my heart to take these courses in the first place.

Lesson 9 for Blogging 101 (yesterday) was to refer to someone else’s blog.  I would like thank my long-time friend Vanessa, and fellow blogger, because her courage to begin blogging about a year ago prompted me to begin this adventure just a few weeks ago.  I highly recommend her blog, Tapestry Chronicles.  She is a young homemaker who loves Jesus and tries to incorporate him into every aspect of life.  She writes on a myriad of topics from book reviews to favorite recipes to how Jesus is working in her life.  She is very interested in the more natural ways to live – cleaner living, and writes on her adventures in making soap and things of a similar nature.  I would also like to thank Melanie Allred Flowers for her encouraging suggestions to make my post more visually appealing.  Hope you like it, Melanie!  I took a look at Melanie’s blog tonight, and it is very visually appealing, and I appreciate that she spoke from her heart about how God is working in her life right now – being there for hurting friends, and waiting on God in the middle.  I really enjoyed the article I read.

Holly On Her Throne
Holly On Her Throne
Nami trying on a new pair of pants!
Nami trying on a new pair of pants!

As far as Photo 101, I am being challenged daily through being given specific topics to photograph.  This is new for me as I usually photograph whatever my heart fancies – often ‘gifts’ I’ve discovered.  For Lesson 9, we were to use light in a striking way that highlights the thing being photographed.  I was able to get two photos this past week of our two pets – Holly (the dog) and Nami (the cat).  I am so thankful for them as they both bring so much life and laughter to our home!  Nami is rather a new member to our household (a Christmas present for one of our sons) and Holly isn’t sure what has transpired!  Holly is a very social creature and has always wanted a playmate, but Nami won’t play on Holly’s terms.  Poor Holly!  They are learning how to live peacefully; Nami learning when to run and when to stand her ground, and Holly learning that life won’t always be seen through a puppy dogs’ eyes!


12 thoughts on “So Very Thankful!

  1. Thanks for telling a bit about yourself. It is very rewarding to write down all the good things during a day or week. I am also doing Photo101 and Glogging 101 for the second time. It is very helpful to get better.

    1. I really appreciate all your responses. It is so nice that you take the time. I truly appreciate it. Writing down the things I’m thankful for helps me remember that God truly is good and that he truly does love me. (Relationship) How does writing it down help you? Thank you once again for being so encouraging. 🙂

  2. I seriously love your blog. The only comment I would have would be the small font. It is hard for me to read even with my glasses. Just an opinion. Everything else is GREAT! lily

    1. Wow! Thank you so very much! That really blesses me. This is all so new not even sure how to increase my font-size. That is funny actually! I will look into it. Truly appreciate your feedback!

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