My Greatest Joy!

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

Strolling after dark
A lovely stroll after dark

Over the last couple of days, I have thought of many things that bring me pure joy – strolling after dark, hand in hand, with my husband Gary, quietly or in conversation, but always enjoying the precious time together.  I also thought of time with my family at church – that brings me great joy!

Lighthouse Church
I love my Lighthouse Church family

As I’ve considered my list of joy-givers, I realize that for me, pure joy usually comes from spending and giving of time – a most precious commodity.  And of all the relationships wherein I find the greatest joy in spending/giving of time, I have to say is my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Early morning time with Jesus
Quiet time in the early morning with Jesus

I find the time I spend with him early in the morning, before the world around me comes to full fever pitch for the day, is the most glorious time of day!  In reading his words to me (the Bible), I am refreshed and renewed – literally.  In talking to him (in prayer), I find that I receive answers to questions, direction for needs, and peace and calm for life’s difficulties.  In telling him how precious he is to me (through songs of worship), I am literally filled with joy as he and I enjoy each other’s presence. There is nothing like it!

If you have never known a relationship so sweet, or if you wonder what in the world I am talking about, I recommend that you try it yourself.  Go online if you have no Bible, and read the first chapter of the book of John (the New Testament).  Then ask him to show himself to you in some way that day.  ie. “If you really exist, please show yourself to me.”  If you have a specific need, tell him.  He delights in having his creation ask him things!  (Whether you believe in him or not doesn’t matter, as his reality isn’t dependant upon your belief in him, just as my reality doesn’t depend upon your belief that I exist)  Do this daily for three weeks, reading each consecutive chapter in John.  I know it will make a difference in your outlook. Here is a link to John 1 online, should you choose to take me up on the challenge:

If that sounds a little too wierd, I can also recommend a challenge given by a local radio station in Maryland – listen for 30 minutes each day for 3 weeks, and you will see a change in your outlook.

Do you already spend time with Jesus?  If so, I would love to hear how it gives you life.  I would also love to hear how you spend your time with him.

If you don’t already, but are intrigued by what I say, and would like to take one of the challenges, please let me know, as I would love to hear how it turns out.



2 thoughts on “My Greatest Joy!

  1. What a beautiful reminder, dear friend! I so enjoy my quiet times as well as spending time in sweet fellowship with my Christian friends and church family. I miss our time together! Love you!

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