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PHOTO 101, Day 3 – Water Scenes, June 10, 2015

Geese on the PondMy husband and I are people who find much enjoyment being around nature, yet we live in a townhouse in the “burbs”.  We are blessed to have the gift of two “ponds” within our community – one is really a drainage ditch, but the wildlife who live there don’t care what we humans call it – it’s home to them; and neither do we care, for these wetland sanctuaries have become our piece of nature within the city.  We often find ourselves checking out the ponds as we stroll by, just to see who is home, and what is going on.  Are the goslings growing?  Is that large turtle we’ve seen around showing it’s head?  Has the heron come by today?  Has anyone seen the otter this year?  Even our dog, Holly, enjoys checking out the latest happenings.  Today, we found the the six goslings are doing well, and that the population of geese this year has increased.  No, we have not seen the otter, and the heron was out gallavanting somewhere.

Pond at Sunrise

A friend and I also enjoy the ponds in the morning as we walk.  We especially enjoyed them this last winter, as we often walked at sunrise.  One of the ponds became a regular stop as we “oohed” and “ahhed” at the beauty before us as the sun rose and was reflected upon the still morning calmness.  What a gift these two pools have been to us – not only us, but to any who would stop, take a moment, and choose to be still.  The beauty is there as a gift from the Creator for our enjoyment alone.  The duty is ours to accept the gift by pausing long enough to notice and bask in it and hopefully thank the one who gave it.


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