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Annapolis MD

PHOTO 101, Day 2 – Street Scenes, June 9, 2015

One of my greatest gifts in life is to spend time with those I love.  Recently, I was able to spend an enchanting evening, a mini date, with my dear husband, Gary.  We have a teenager in the house, and Gary has a long commute time for work, and so times of solitude together when we are both rested are not so frequent!  This particular evening we ate at our favorite restaurant, El Torro Bravo, in Annapolis, MD, and then strolled the streets.  It was one of those Spring evenings when the breeze was not too cool, and the city lights mingled beautifully with the dark recesses of  the historic alleyways.  In the background, you will see the historic St. Anne’s Church.

Emmitsburg, MD

Another such occasion happened about one year ago.  My sister-in-love, Carlene, and I spent the day “adventuring” as we call it.  We head in a general direction, GPS turned on, and then take turns making diversions as our hearts, eyes, or appetites lead.  Close to the end of this particular adventure, we found ourselves in the lovely historic town of Emmitsburg, MD.  We were both getting tired as we had visited cousins in the morning for breakfast, and by the time we hit Emmitsburg, we were well past dinnertime and about ready to head home.  We found it to be a delightful town, and a wonderful way to end our day together.


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