Let Me Introduce Myself!

My Garden 2014
My Garden 2014

For those of you who are new to this blog, and know me very little or not at all, I would like to take today’s post and introduce myself.  For those of you who have been following along for the last five weeks, today will be a divergence.

I am taking a course on blogging right now, and so for the next several weeks (until mid July), I will be posting more often.  Afterward, I will return to my weekly posts.  I hope you enjoy this “Introduction”, and over time I hope to get to know you, my readers, better as well.

I love sky watching – God makes the most beautiful sky-scapes!  (Is that a real word?)  I also love to capture beautiful moments and scenes with my camera.  I’m sure this, on more than one occasion, has caused my husband, Gary, to sigh as he heard one more time – “please slow down so I can just get that picture!”  Instagram (rlseaton), rather than Facebook, is my kind of go to, just let me piddle around, kind of evening.

I love to make people feel special – I can’t think of too many things more wonderful than to know that God has used me to love on someone else in his name.  Often this comes through sharing hope, and hope is what I want my posts to overflow with!  I have known a fair bit of pain in my life, and I have learned the hope that Jesus can give if we let him.

I love to sing!  My favorite artists are Hillsong, Bethel Music, Casting Crowns, Laura Story, and Chris Tomlin.  Love going to live concerts when I can.  I truly enjoy times at church to just get lost in worship with my brothers and sisters – a tiny piece of heaven on earth.

When the weather and season allows, you will find me spending time in my garden.  I only have a small one outside my townhouse, but I so enjoy it!  I enjoy watching tiny plants grow and flourish.  I especially enjoy growing herbs – smelling the very aromas as I brush by them, or purposefully crushing a leaf between my fingers brings immediate pleasure.  Then, once I can actually taste that perfect home-grown tomato, and add that piece of basil – oh, my!  Good stuff!

I am a traveler, knowing that this blink of time and space isn’t all there is. While traveling this earth, I long to share with other travelers the hope and joy of home.  Being with Jesus is home to me.  I have found that there is no better place to be, and so want others to be able to experience for themselves the one I have found, and the sense of belonging and love I have found in him.  I look forward to one day seeing his face and being with him forever.  I’ve never met anyone like him!

I hope that “One More Voice” shares a piece of him more than a piece of me.

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