No Gift is Too Small

20150428_141406-01I faced my first Mother’s Day alone 6 years ago.  My husband, Norman, had always been the one to make sure that I had flowers, but Mother’s Day that year he was no longer able, and  I felt his passing very much as the holiday drew near.  In past years, he would go out with our son, Evan, and purchase flowers, hand them to Evan, and then Evan would give them to me with a smile.  Not only was Norman gone, but Evan was now staying in a hospital too far away at the time to spend the day with.  I was all alone.

I began praying the week or so before that somehow, God would bring me the flowers just as Norman had always done.  I had sensed as I fervently prayed that he had heard and would answer, and so I watched and waited.  Early the week before Mother’s Day, my rose bush bloomed it’s first pink rose and I knew this was in answer to my prayer – God himself had orchestrated that one flower just for me.  I thanked him with gratitude, but wondered if that was his total answer, and so continued to pray.  As the week rolled closer to Mother’s Day, I began to think that maybe I should buy a bouquet for myself, but was checked that God would bring me a bouquet.  So I waited in anticipation.

On Friday before Mother’s Day, I went to a local Herb Farm to get my plants for the season.  I knew the owner as I had volunteered there one summer before Evan came to our home.  She greeted me and we began to talk.  She knew of my situation, and so after a few minutes told me about the Mother’s Day Tea that was coming up on the following day.  “Robin, why don’t you stop by after the tea, and we can sit and enjoy some of the left-overs together”.  I stopped by, and she and I had a wonderful time – surrounded by flowers.  I was so grateful to her and to God for the gift, and went home with a full heart – thinking about my prayer and all the gifts of flowers I’d already received that week in answer.  Yet, something inside still hoped for a bouquet as Norman and Evan would have gotten me.

Sunday rolled around, and I received a flower at church in honor of being a mom – and I thanked God for one more flower given in answer to my prayer.  I spent the afternoon home, alone.  However, early evening arrived with an unexpected ring of the doorbell.  I opened the door and found one of my husband’s former co-workers, who had become a friend, standing at the door with a big smile and….a bouquet of flowers in her outstretched hand!  All I could say as I welcomed her in was, “How did you know!  How did you know,” as I began to weep, repeating the words over and over!  She smiled and said “I guess a little bird told me.”

I will never forget that day, that week.  It was a week filled with beautiful gifts – huge gifts to me, but simple gifts from my heavenly Daddy.  It reminds me, even today, that his love is so lavish, and that no gift or request is too small for him to care about.  Ever.


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